Lala is a rising producer/director based in Los Angeles, CA. Her work exudes originality by bringing in a fresh, new voice, and dedication to leading creative teams and projects. For the past 7+ years, she has honed a variety of creative skills from Photography, Visual Storytelling, Producing, and Creative Directing. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. Creativity is not just a job, for her it is a way of life! When she is not creating she is off traveling the world and assisting in Humanitarian work & International Volunteer Work. 
Collaborating with brands and organizations such as Fila, Warner Record, PETA, PEOPLE Magazine, BRON Studios, OK Magazine, BuzzFeed, and others!
Director's Reel
Plan chicly • Fashion Film
Till now we stand • film
mas que palabra • film
what will you create? • visual poem
plan chicly • commercial
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