Co-Founders Sahir Champion and Philippe Roc are the award-winning directing duo known as RSVP. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, from ideation to post production, these two creative visualists understand what it takes to get things done. 
“The beauty of our collaboration is that there are no egos involved. Sahir and I focus on inspiring each other and working together to present the best quality product possible, within budget and on time. And just as importantly, we keep it fun.”
“Diversity is paramount to accurately depict the world in which we live. That’s why Phil and I believe in our partnership, and partnering with those who truly believe in change.”
RSVP represents the underdogs- those who never had a chance. 
Buick • see her greatness • commercial
Wale • Warner Records • Album release commercial
Natasha • BoomKack • Music film
What's your story • Array Crew • Commercial
I AM kamala • converse • Branded content
Dy-Lan • Pure X • Music Video
Optimized digital • corporate
The conversation • spa
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